A DEVGRU & SOF Gaming Community

A DEVGRU & SOF Gaming Community

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Now Returning as a Casual Gamning Community

Here in 2020, we find our long term players desiring and requesting 1 thing. Non-Milsim Operations in game.
We will be returning as a club, just to provide this to those whom helped create this, and deserve it.
You know who you are.

Games We Play

Arma 3

First and foremost, Arma 3. A Military Sandbox Simulation with Steam Workshop Modding Community. We provide our people with a truly renovated and tailored experience.

Insurgency: Sandstorm

Quick, Easy, and Gratifying. Action Packed and Simple to Learn. We play Insurgnecy and have been doing so for a long time. We host our own servers.

More Games can be found in the Discord Chats!

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Established by Friends and Family in 2017 and Continuing into The Future Providing Realistic Combat to the Average Gamer. DEVGRU.club | A Community For DEVGRU and SOF Modded Gameplay

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